Melinda's Music School

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"I had my first lesson with Mrs. Melinda Benson this past week, and I cant wait for my next lesson! She was warm and friendly and seemed to love what she does! She seemed excited to teach what she loves doing (singing) and made me feel right very comfortable. We got right down to business singing within minutes, which was awesome! I'm excited to get on a consistent pace with this lady, anyone who can make me feel that comfortable upon our first meeting makes getting into a routine of lessons something I'm looking forward to...its encouraging to see a seasoned professional happily teaching."  --Rachel W.

"I really like Melinda. She is so funny and down to earth and she teaches me how to be better. She is very helpful, and i feel like the techniques she has assigned me are really helpful." --Ariana S. 

"I have enjoyed learning a singing lesson with her. Great experience so far!" --Net. H.

"Mrs. Benson is extremely informed about voice technique and performance because she is a talented performer and vocalist herself.  She understands how to train her students because she has a lot of performing and teaching experience. There are a lot of vocal instructors that can’t teach both performance and technique because they don’t perform on a regular basis.  There is a reason why there’s a stereotype “those who can’t do, teach”.  Mrs. Benson does not fall in to this category because she is “doing” and passing along her lessons to her students regularly.  These lessons are invaluable to her students."  --Diego A.